How To Make Tofu From Soybeans – Three simple ingredients

home made tofu

Tofu is a bean curd that is made from three main ingredients: soybeans, water, and a coagulant. A coagulant...

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Vietnamese Mung Bean Dessert – Banh Dau Xanh Recipe

In this article, we will be showing how to make a Vietnamese Mung Bean Dessert called “Bánh Đậu Xanh”....

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Hello Summer and Goodbye Spring

pad thai

Summer is quickly coming around the corner. Pho Queen has three demonstrations coming up in May 2019 at three...

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Happy New Year 2019 – Year of the Boar

bun thit nuong

Welcome to the New Year 2019! I am finally advertising my sauce at the Farmer’s Market. October 2018 was...

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Cafe Sua Da Recipe – Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee

cafe sua da

This is an ironic situation. I am not a coffee drinker. I grew up drinking diluted coffee with sweet...

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Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad Recipe – My Grandmother version of Gỏi Ðu Ðủ

There are many great recipes available on the internet and sometime it is hard to choose one over the...

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Welcome Back to School – Learn to Make Green Papaya Salad


Summer of 2018 is quickly passing through already. Today is an exciting day for my kids. It’s their first...

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Steamed Rice Cake Recipe – Vietnamese Bánh Da Lợn

Bánh Da Lợn - steamed layer rice cakes

Steamed Rice Cake Recipe was introduced to me by my aunt. It was prepared and taught in Vietnamese by...

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Simple Almond Milk Recipe

almond milk in a glass

As I am getting older, my body needs more calcium and nutrition that milk has to offer. However, I...

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Journey to America – My Cousin Thuong’s Perspective

On our journey to America, two cousins also came along with my family. They both were teenagers when we...

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