General Questions

Does Vietnamese REALLY eat Dogs?

YES — however, not all Vietnamese eat dogs.

Does Pho Queen eat dogs?

   NO — We love dogs, have one of our own. His name is Silk.

Are all Vietnamese skinny?

NO. Vietnamese can get fat like everyone else.

Do all Vietnamese eat healthy?


Can I get fat on Vietnamese food?

YES, you can get fat with any food if you eat too much of it in one sitting and all the time. Eating in moderation is the key.

Do you have to be a Vietnamese to like Vietnamese food?

Of course NOT.  My husband is a silly white guy who is born and raise in Cleveland, Ohio. He loves Vietnamese food especially fish sauce.  He loves fish sauce so much that he used it on ALL Vietnamese food. Needless to say, he found out the hard way. Not all Vietnamese food tastes good with fish sauce, especially desserts. Hee hee hee….

What is fish sauce?

A pungent, salty liquid made from fermented anchovies or other fish, used as a seasoning and condiment in Southeast Asian cuisine. 

Does that sound appetizing or what? Despite it’s unappetizing definition, it is pretty tasty. Vietnamese uses fish sauce in many varieties of stir fries, soups, etc and NOT commonly in dessert.

What is the difference between summer roll, spring roll, and egg roll?

There are two different types of rolls, fried and boiled. The egg rolls are usually fried. Until recently I was confused between summer rolls and spring rolls. Some people on the west coast including myself called the boiled version spring rolls. Others known spring rolls as fried egg rolls. When I moved to Florida, I learned that the boiled version was called summer roll.

In Vietnamese, we called the fried rolls “Chả Giò” and the boiled rolls “Gỏi Cuốn”.

Can fish sauce be used to put out a Pho King fire?

Unfortunately, Fish sauce cannot put out a Pho King fire. The Pho King fire is untamable.  However, the Pho Queen’s Magic Monkey Sauce will soothe the Pho King soul…

We recommend our cookbook, A Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Family Recipes for the “Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce” recipe along with many other easy Vietnamese recipes

I have food allergies to vegetable oil and saturated fat. Could I find substitutes and still make good soup?

I do not use large amount of oil in Vietnamese soups. My primary concern is to prevent the ingredients sticking to the pan. You can definitely substitute other oil for vegetable oil and still make good soup. Sesame or coconut oil is another oil you may want to experiment. In general, Vietnamese food is very flexible.

How many calories are there in a spring roll?

Where are you located?

Pho Queen Cooking is internet based. Our home base is in Maitland, FL. We cater Vietnamese food locally.

What are your hours?

Because we are internet based, our online website is available to you 24 hours/day.

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