Happy Mother’s Day!!!

There are so many things we can do to appreciate our moms. It can be as elaborate as a big colorful party or as simple as spending time together. Have you seen a good movie lately with your mom? Treat her to a movie or snuggle up next to her on your couch watch a movie together at home.  AMC theathre has their own promotions if you decide to go out www.amctheatres.com/offers.

You can also create for her a crafty gift. Martha Stewart website has many interesting and fun ideas: www.marthastewart.com/1060534/mothers-day.

One of my favorites is give her hugs and kisses and tell her how much she is appreciated. It is a gift from the heart. It’s ok to be a kid again in your mom’s loving embrace. Happy Mother’s DAY to all the MOMS in the world. You are totally APPRECIATED!

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I’ve been working diligently upgrading my website. It is finally ready to share. There are still more I need to update. It is an ongoing process. Please check it out and pass it on PhoQueenCooking.com. You can also leave your feedback. Looking forward to hear from you.

I also created a game and you are welcome to participate. Click here for more information: www.phoqueencooking.com/2015/05/vietnamese-meals-available-for-lunch/

My demonstration calendar is now updated: www.phoqueencooking.com/demo/ Here is my demonstration schedule for the Libraries 2015. I am open to your suggestions on new topics:

May 9 – Orlando Library downtown (eggrolls)

May 16 – South Creek Branch Library (springrolls)

May 17 – Maitland Library (Pot Stickers)

May 20 – West Oak Branch (springrolls)

August 16 – Maitland Library

November 1 – Maitland Library

Looking for unique and special gifts?  A Vietnamese Kitchen, Treasured Family Recipes are available for sale at www.PhoQueenCooking.com/products & at amazon http://www.amazon.com/shops/phoQueenCooking.

Magic Monkey Sauce and Magic Dragon Sauce

are available for sale online at Amazon.com and also my website. I need your help in adding your personal reviews. Please visit the following Amazon pages to add your review:

Amazon – Magic Monkey: http://www.amazon.com/Pho-Queens-Magic-Monkey-Sauce/dp/B00DLL1662

Amazon – Magic Dragon:  http://www.amazon.com/Pho-Queens-Magic-Dragon-Sauce/dp/B00DLRBEX6

These specialty sauces are now available at
–   Hollieanna Groves (www.hollieanna.com)
–   The Ancient Olive in Winter Park (www.theancientolive.com)
–   Petty’s Meat Market in Longwood, FL. (www.pettysmeats.com)
–   The Meat House in Winter Park, FL. (www.themeathouse.com)

Ask for Pho Queen’s Specialty Sauces: Magic Monkey and Magic Dragon Sauces.

If you would like to have Pho Queen Specialty Sauces available at your local stores, please email me the store names and contact information. I will take care of the rest.


Check out a video clip of Pho Queen presenting Vietnamese food and culture demonstration at the Edgewater Library, a courtesy of Orange County Library system. Demonstrations

Want more recipes and fun stories about Vietnamese culture, buy A Vietnamese Kitchen cookbook now (www.PhoQueenCooking.com/products) and support Pho Queen.

Note: If you missed my last newsletters, please visit  www,phoqueencooking.com/my-blogs/ for past newsletters.


Have fun eating healthy!


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