My Journey to America – An Introduction

I experienced much more of life than I realized.  I got the privilege to have the best of both worlds in being an only and spoiled child for 10 years and then I grew up with 6 more siblings the following 10 years.  At first, it took a little bit of time to adjust.  The change of culture and environment transitioned me into my family much easier.  I grew up very quickly learning and understanding my role in the family.  Fitting in was what I did best.  As time progressed, I became a young adult taking on responsibilities as one of the family members.  I was so thankful to experience the best of both worlds.

In order for me to learn, I endured and went through hardship. I learned to really appreciate what I have instead of focusing on what I don’t have. It is such a great lesson of life that I had learned at a young age. There were many internal challenges within myself to make what seemed to be the right choices at the time. I truly believe that everyone goes through their own journey physically and mentally in life whether it is glamorized or not. The learned result of that journey creates their character. I transformed “Why me?” into “What about me?” or “How about me?”

Through their unconditional love, my parents gave me a priceless gift and the best gift that no money can buy.  My parents gave me the opportunity to experience freedom.  Although I was too young at the time to appreciate, my journey from Vietnam was an adventure which I shall treasure for the rest of my days.  Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I established a huge appreciation for my family, my friends, and The United States of America.


2 thoughts on “My Journey to America – An Introduction

  • By Tamie Davern - Reply

    Love your blog/ new book
    Just now have had some time to read it.
    Please let me know when you’re next
    Cooking demonstration is (sorry I missed the
    last one).
    & you’re next blog I would love to read that also
    Thanks. & happy blogging & New Year

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